Why OSHA 10 Certification Training Is a Must for Construction Worker?

Why OSHA 10 Certification Training Is a Must for Construction Worker?



OSHA 10 and 30 Certification Training – An Overview

OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, that has been working since the 70s to minimize workplace accidents and hazards through proper training on health and safety standards. Most of the OSHA standards need employers to make sure that their workers are aware of the safety risks and hazards they may experience while working in the site. OSHA has designed both OSHA 10 certification and OSHA 30 certification training courses for the knowledge and safety of workers. By completing any of these two OSHA safety courses, workers can feel safe and stay hazard free in the workplace.

For safety and health reasons, OSHA 10 or 30 certification training seems to be imminent, particularly in the Construction business — where the rate of worker fatalities is three times more than other industries every year. It would be appropriate for workers in the Construction industry to undergo either OSHA 10 certification or OSHA 30 certification training and become prompt in hazard detection, behavior change, and work practice enhancements.

Why OSHA 10 Certification Course is A Must for Construction Workers?

Since the time when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established, it has ensured a significant reduction in workplace injuries and accidents. Through its set standards, including safety training necessities and safety practices, it has been successful in saving thousands of workers’ lives. The awareness of both private and public construction workers will have to be improved in order to control the fatality rate which is far more than other industries. It makes OSHA 30 certification and OSHA 10 certification training to be more essential for construction workers.

OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certification courses are designed to target four risky or hazardous conditions in the construction sites that lead to increased fatalities every year. All those who join these courses will be capable to identify, avoid and  abate these workplace fatalities effectively.

The four risky or hazardous conditions are as follows:

Fall Hazards (Falls, Trips and Slips) in the Workplace— It is the most fatal hazard experienced in the construction sites which accounts for hundreds of deaths and injuries yearly. Fall hazards might be caused due to a sudden loss of physical balance or the collapse of ladders, scaffolds etc. The OSHA 10/30 training courses cover the standards regarding fall protection so that workers won’t fall from roofs, scaffolds and stairs.

Electrical Hazards (Burns, Blasts, Fire, Shock, Electrocution) in the Workplace—These are highly unsafe situations to which construction workers might get exposed to and end in getting electrocuted and even losing their lives. The OSHA 10 and 30 certification training include the safety requirements to keep themselves protected from electrocution hazards and  work safely in workplaces.

Caught In or Between Hazards (crush, squeeze, caught, compressed or pinched between sharp and unguarded objects) — The chance for caught-in or between hazards is more especially when workers get surrounded by heavy machinery or unguarded equipments. It might lead them to get crushed, caught, squeezed, pinched or compressed between sharp parts of one or more objects.The OSHA safety training comes with precautions that would help workers stay out of these hazards all the time.

Struck-By Hazards (Stuck-by rolling/ flying/swinging/falling object) — It includes all those workplace hazards caused when rolling, falling, moving or swinging objects strike and injure workers. Stuck-by hazards may also occur when heavy and unsafe loads fall or flying objects collide with workers. The safety training from OSHA covers safety requirements that would help workers save themselves and avoid these kind of hazards.

Most of the OHSA safety training courses provide an in-depth insight into these hazards and allow workers to follow the best precautions to avoid them.

How to Get OSHA Certification Training?

There are many reliable NDS program providers offering OHSA 10 certification and OSHA 30 certification training to help workers meet OSHA healthy and safety provisions while promoting their workplace safety and health. You can contact them online and join the desirable course at a reasonable price to start working as a trained and informed worker.